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Some Pics I Have Taken of Unusual Trees Over The Years...

I was browsing through my DeviantART gallery and picked out a few of my unusual tree pics. None have been manipulated, only edited slightly (contrast/colour-wise) and framed.

Hope you enjoy -

The Elephant Tree -


The Tree With Arms -


The Tree of Lost Souls (you can see some really spooky faces in the trunk!)


The Boot Tree (reminded me of a boot) -


Four Pronged -


The Giant Tree -



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WOW!! SO FANTASTIC! I want to ride the elephant tree heheh its so cute! And the tree with arms is really about to get up and walk around! I love all these trees!
Glad you liked them!
I love trees and am always taking pics of them.
These are all wonderful! Thanks so much for showing them!
My pleasure!
These are so great! If you don't mind my asking, where are these trees? (If you don't want to put in specifics that's okay, but are the east coast, north-east, etc?) I love love love the last picture :)
Thank you! :)

They're all taken in England where I live. And I think all of them were taken in Suffolk, which is the east of England, except the largest one which might have been somewhere on holiday in North Wales, although I can't remember the exact location. It would have been in the gardens of a stately home though.

P.S...By largest one I meant The Giant Tree - sorry.
Sorry, i am a spaz this morning, I should have noticed by your user name that you were in the UK instead of assuming the tree's were in the States. But now I know where to look for them in my future travels! Thanks :)
No worries.
wow.. they are all really lovely pictures. i love trees. so interesting!
Thank you!
Yes, I love trees too!